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Welcome to the emCA developer portal. Explore comprehensive resources on emCA's Certificate Authority services and learn how to streamline certificate issuance through our easy-to-use APIs.


About emCA and its CA Services

emCA empowers organizations of all sizes with a robust and scalable Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) solution. Our user-friendly interface and powerful APIs streamline workflows, reduce administrative burden, and enhance overall security.

Data Security and Trust

Streamline Certificates with emCA APIs

  • Automation & Efficiency: Automate certificate issuance, revocation, and lifecycle management, saving time and resources.
  • Seamless Integration: Integrate CA and certificate lifecycle management into your apps with our RESTful APIs.
  • Enhanced Security: Enhance application security with emCA's robust infrastructure.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: Our versatile APIs suit diverse development needs.
Artificial Intelligence

Exploring emCA's API Offerings

emCA Services (emcaServices) provides a comprehensive suite of APIs for programmatic access to our CA management and certificate management features.


emCA Services API's allow access to features and functionality offered on through interfaces that can be consumed by your application. Our API's are built on REST and therefore interoperable with any existing web application framework that supports REST based API calls


emCA Services API's for
CA and Certificate Management

emCA services empowers you to take complete control of your Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) with our powerful and user-friendly APIs. This developer portal equips you with everything you need to seamlessly integrate CA management and certificate lifecycle management functionalities into your applications. Use our comprehensive set of API's to integrate eSignatures into your applications. Our API's are reliable, scalable and meet stringent security standards that are verified by external audits.

Highly Cost Effective

Our API's come as standard features and part of all plans and cost a fraction of other options in the market.

Secure and Scalable

Our API's meet stringent security standards such as ISO 27001 and SOC2 Type 2 and are highly available through geographically redundant cloud setup.

Open API Specifications

The REST API specifications are built on Swagger making the APIs easy to understand and deploy.

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